In the name of Almighty, what we have is a corner of His immortal humor.
Espadana’s new Playbook in 2006 with the grace of Allah Almighty and a scientific approach to further enhance the country’s industry and to provide better services to investors and manufacturers in the field of consulting, design, sales, installation and operation of machinery and Industrial production lines were established. In these years, the trust of our valued customers and our mutual honesty has always been the main capital of the company. Several years of research and experience in the industry, the use of well-trained professionals and the most up-to-date production lines and machines are the main features of this company.


A summary of the company’s services:

– French Fries French Potato Frozen French Potatoes (Frozen and Semi-Frozen Potatoes)

– Full line potato chips production (simple chips and ketchup chips) and snacks

– A complete line of potato puree

– Full line potato starch production

– The full line of production of Brown Hash Browns

– Potato Stirring Machines

– Machines for potato washing

– Systems and equipment for storing and storing potatoes and onions

– Fully automatic onion cutting machines

– Machines for freezing potatoes and vegetables by the IQF method (freezing tunnel)

ali mohammadi

hesam namdar
financial department

zahra forozandeh
Sales Manager

sheyda hosseini
IT manager