The names of 12 non-standard goods were announced.

Mohammad Reza Taheri, referring to the meetings of the Committee of Symptoms of the Tehran Standard Standard, stated: “At these meetings, the standard license of 12 commodities includes electronic and electronic protective pads for household purposes with the names of micro, best, golden, sanitary napkins (classic designs, valves Hand-made handpiece from copper alloy and non-corrosive materials for supplying drinking water in buildings with a shady building trade name, mechanical lever mechanical sanitary wrappers with commercial designation Kian, twin screws and double-sided ribs with a brand name Atlas of trucks, automotive oil filters, commercial ivory filters – Destiny, electric heater and liquids Electric kitchen with brand name Pars Bhshrq was falsified.

He added: In addition to the standard license of the power cable with extruded insulation and its accessories for nominal voltages of 1kv and 30kv with the name of Alfakabel, the paint used in repairs of the body, the body of the resin-based chemical from the Kemal Kem Kemika, the equipment Household refrigeration (refrigerator-freezer-freezer) from Orj joint stock company (due to unit request), gas burning appliances – built-in desktop stove A from the industrial company of the modern world phenomenon was canceled.

According to the Director General of the Tehran Office of the Directorate General, 28 products of the license issued a standardized use of the emblem paint based on polyvinyl acetate resin (plastic and semi-plastic) with the name of the Sabah company, the base oils (50-40-50-30) In API class and grease, lithium-gravel base, calcium base from Iran Motor Oil Company, shampoo and baby shampoo with the name of Mahara Tandis, Tire Riding – Vanthi Lightweight (equivalent to 8 layers) from IranTire Co., Aina Car Plast pp co, Led Ballasts for use with public lighting over 50 volts with name Trading company in Norouz-Pars Amin – Nora Sohn Iran, a high-power fluorescent lamp (with a power output of over 60 watts) from Farshidizdan Panah manufacturing unit, blower and sucker blowers with the name of Kushan and Takht Trading Company.

Taheri added: Also, the tractor lights with the name of the plasticizer, the twin screw and rod of the ribs with the name of the company Atlas of screws, vacuum cleaners and water-absorbing cleaners, ambient heaters and sucker and blower nozzles from Seymaran Co. and Badr Sazand Co., Oven Hood A feeder from Pyyamakth Household Appliances, Milkshake of Mechanical Leverage (Washbasin, Bath, Dishwasher and Wall) from Mojtaba Tadini Production Unit, Flexible Hose for Drinking Water and Shower Hoses from Marjan Rezaie Production Unit, Health Valves (Shetokasso Model, Shirhamam And Shirdiyvari) from the production unit of Amir Shah Hosseini, the lamp Vehicle Saipa 131 and Tiba car note from the production unit of Mehregan Design and Engineering Company, elevator door lock from Abdolmajid Golmohammadi Production Unit, fire extinguisher capsule from Saeed Mousavi Production Unit, Ayre Electric Power Grill A, Commercial Chair, Office Chair Utility vehicle with a production unit of Rahim Mohammadi, office furniture (Seat-Seat Type-One-Seat-Swing) from the production unit of the Shahriyar Law Office, wires and cables with insulating and polyvinyl chloride coating from Mohammed Ghadim’s production unit are other products that license Usage of Standard Signal.

According to ISNA, the issuance of a standard mark for the supply of products to the market and the revocation of the standard license for various reasons, such as closure of units, violations, as well as low quality of production, are among the tasks of the standard organization, which are applied on a monthly basis. Last year, the standard 12 products were revoked and standard products were issued for 28 products.

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