The largest international food exhibition of Iran

Iran Food Processing Plant in 2018 has more than 1300 domestic and foreign companies. In addition to our country, the agricultural and food industries of 31 foreign countries include Spain, Slovakia, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Britain, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Belgium, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, China, Denmark, Russia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, France, Canada, South Korea, Kenya, Georgia, Poland, Litauen, Netherlands, India, Greece also have their latest products and services to the Iranian market. Introduce.
Ali Akbar Mehrfard, Deputy Minister of Agriculture at the opening ceremony of the Iran Agroforeth exhibition, announced the aim of the exhibition to introduce the country’s strengths and prosperity in the field of agriculture and food and said: Promoting the level of trade exchanges and development of non-oil exports, employment and entrepreneurship, knowledge and information exchange Among the companies present at the exhibition, encouraging and encouraging manufacturers to compete healthy and purposeful in the industry, the acquaintance of the participants and visitors with the latest scientific and industrial achievements in the field of agricultural and domestic and foreign food and creating space for direct relationship with consumers.

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